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Facebook CLICK HERE to join our Facebook Superfish Swim Club Group where you will find all the latest news and information. It's a private group where members share news, photos and members can keep informed on up and coming events.


All current members and those interested in future membership are invited to attend the Superfish Swimming Club Annual General Meeting, scheduled:

Saturday August 6th at 3pm, at the Superfish Swim School, 1 Greenway Blvd, Maudsland.

Event CalendarSWIMMING QUEENSLAND 2016 / 2017 EVENT CALENDAR (@ 18 July 2016) Swimming Queensland Calendar

If you are interested in joining the Superfish Swim Club Team and competing at carnivals, here is a quick run-down on how it works!

As various swim clubs in our region (Gold Coast) release the invitation for the carnivals, our lovely Race Secretary Julie will email them out to all members. Have a look at the carnival date, see if you’re available, then look at what events are on offer and email the Race Secretary ( with your nominations. Be mindful to check the details on the invitation/flyer for qualify times and entry process. Some carnivals call for online entries.

Keep your eye out for developmental / restricted meets, perfect for juniors and new comers…especially ones that include relays. So much fun, the kids love relays.

There are numerous meets scheduled throughout the year (most in the summer months) but how many you participate in is up to the individual family. There is no pressure for kids to attend.

As for what races to nominate for… be guided by Coach Wenden or your swimming teacher.

Event fees are usually around $4 - $6 per event. It’s the way clubs fundraise and cover the costs of medals, ribbons, trophies etc.

For nominations done via our Superfish Race Secretary…(not online entries), fees for meets are deposited into the Superfish Swim Club Account, as we pay the hosting club upon invoice when all the Superfish entries are registered for that meet.